On the right path

It would seem that the incidents of late have pushed me onto a slightly different life path than I intended for myself but perhaps that is the “right” path afterall.

I’m currently taking a career counseling class as part of my Master’s program. And one of the assignments (though it wasn’t actually listed as an assignment) was to take the RIASEC (Holland’s Career Code), which measures whether you are artistic, investigative, social, realistic, conventional, or enterprising. It should come as no surprise (at least I don’t think so anyway) that my result was SAI: Social (the helper), Artistic (the creative), and Investigative (the thinker/researcher). What really struck me about this was the suggested career paths; they’re right in line with my long term goal (and particularly the amended goal which I will definitely tell you all more about as I solidify the plans and the actual plausibility). But for now, here are my results and below I will include the link below if you’d like to take it for yourself.


Check out the last several results: clinical psychologist, mental health counselor, etc.

If you want to take the test and see what your results are and what careers might best suit your personality, go here: What is your career personality?

And, please let me know in the comments what your results were and if you thought they were accurate. I’m also curious if your current occupation, or one you are working toward, matches up with the results you were given. 🙂

P.S. I will give you all an update on my life situation in another blog tomorrow morning.

11 thoughts on “On the right path

  1. My results are exactly the same as yours. 😉 I want to be a psychologist, and I have a photography, as well as a web and graphic design business, so it’s right in line with my goals and both future and current career. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I got IRS (investigative, realistic and social). The majority of the recommended fields are in health care. My current field of employment is Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. It fits in a lot of the mentioned areas. Interesting!


    1. That’s so cool! I was totally not completely excited about this class before. Haha I think blogging and using the things I learn as a way to get to know my fellow bloggers may be my way through.


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