The Demons Inside Us

A fellow blogger recently drew her “monster” as a part of her therapy homework (I believe) and it inspired me to do a bit of my own drawing (as I’ve felt like something has been off all day, just unsettled).

I grew up in a ridiculously religious household and was always told demons were the cause of my depression and anxiety and shame and guilt and whatever other emotional experience I was having. I eventually came to see this as a cop out. Because I prayed and prayed and the so called demons  never went away. Now I see them as more the split off parts of myself.

However, growing up with the religious discourse has caused me to see my inner critic as somewhat of a demon at times. So, that’s how I drew her.

Pardon the sloppy composition. I took a Clonazepam a bit ago. Hah! Art on Benzos.

She is blinded by all the past hurts that have left her shattered but not broken. She is misguided, subject to the whispers of all the other “demons”/parts but I don’t think she is inherently bad. I think she means well. She certainly serves a purpose, even if she can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.

What would your monster or inner critic or inner demon look like? Would it/he/she be a version of you? Only a part of you? 

9 thoughts on “The Demons Inside Us

    1. Thank you. And I always tell people, you never know what you might discover you’re good at. I didn’t start making art until I was 23. I had no idea I could until I did and stuck with it through the uncomfortable (I suck at this) stage.


  1. My inner demon would look very much like David Carradine as per his turn in “Kill Bill”. He would SEEM chill and all Zen like, but his demonic ways would come out to play in horrifying fashion. I imagine . . .

    It really pisses me off, how people who suffer from depression or who fall under the ‘umbrella of mental disorders’- (I read that somewhere recently) are STILL castigated in the present day. Now, I have faith. I don’t shout it from the rooftops or wear it on my sleeve. It’s mine. Personal. And my religious beliefs EMBRACE humanity, they do not judge, as seems to be de rigeur in most religions. Not to cannibalize religion, but let’s face it, there are plenty of peeps who want us to consider evidence that doesn’t exist and base our entire existence on it. And yet . . when an individual exhibits certain behaviors, they can’t understand the physiological aspects this person goes through every day?

    Sorry, I’m rambling. This kind of thing, just roils me.



    1. What an interesting vision of your inner demon. He seems… covert and manipulative

      And, ramble away. That’s a topic that gets to me, too. I think religion when not wielded well, can cause a ton of damage.

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      1. And it oftentimes is wielded like a battleaxe, unfortunately.

        Yes, Bill would be quite the secret agent demon. Talking me into something and leaving me in a really bad place.

        My demon spirit would be defined as “Procrastination” as per my writing. I believe many writers understand and relate to this, lol.


        1. Yes, a battleaxe, for sure. I’ve written a blog about that experience for me.

          And, the procrastination comment made me actually laugh out loud because it is so damn true.

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