10 Reasons Why…

Okay, I’m about to brag on my “kids.” I call them kids but really they are all 17 to 19 so in the eyes of our state, adults. However, in the eyes of me, their adoring teacher, they’re still kids with sweet, loyal, loving hearts. So, without further adieu…

10 Reasons Why my Kids Make my Job Cooler than Other Jobs:

1. They draw (digitally and by hand) amazing works of art like this to go with their writing and reading projects.

2. They are so, so loyal. They trust me for who knows what reasons. I never, ever want to take advantage of or betray the trust they place in me because it is a beautiful thing.

3. They give me cool things like this when I tell them they can take a nap and I will leave them alone (because they come in visibly unwell but have no one to come sign them out).

A functional origami… because these kids are too cool

4. They bring me ice cream because I jokingly chide them every time they bring any in the class (the rule is “food is okay but if you make a mess, you clean it and if we get rats, you catch them).

5. They write with so much damn heart! I wish I could share their writing with you here because it would touch your heart so deeply, you’d struggle to come up for air after such depth. Maybe some day I’ll have some of them on as guest writers (after graduation).

For now. I give you the poem one student wrote in the creation corner of the chalkboard.

6. They love a good mystery. Seriously! These kids are bloody, brilliant detectives. I wish I could share the videos of them crime solving, using their inferencing skills.

7. They give me sweet holiday gifts like this:


8. They write me messages like this when I’m out:

So, much, love.

9. They are survivors. Seriously! Every single one of my kids has a story about how they have survived. Not only that but they are thriving. They are owning the Hell out of their stories, taking power back, finding a place to be heard.

10. They are the epitome of what patchwork heart is all about. Being a compilation of all the people, places, pains, loves, and experiences that have taken place in their lives. They are my inspiration. They are my reason. I keep going because they matter and I need them to know that; I need them to know I will never give up on them.


12 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why…

  1. I wish I had a teacher like you in high school. No telling what I would’ve accomplished. Dare I say much more than I have to date.


    1. I wish the system would stop running off the good Teachers. I wrote this in sort of a bittersweet mood. I love my Kids so much. But, after this year, that’s probably it for me as a teacher.

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    1. Thank you! I feel completely blessed for the opportunity to walk with these kids on their path, even just for a year or a couple months. Reason 11) my Kids co me back to visit me every chance they get, even after only having me for a few months. #rockstars

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  2. You are an absolutely fantastic person. They are so very lucky to have you. Because of teachers like you, those kids are becoming our brightest future.

    Thank you for all that you do. ❤

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