Boredom and perseverance

I’ve received some valuable lessons in perseverance lately. Sometimes when I’m in the eye of a an emotional storm it’s difficult to see the way out and I have a tendency to want to sit down and give up. But when it comes to doing random things, I seem immune to that lack of drive. For instance, I told myself recently that I’d learn how to do headstands again. So, I practiced and practiced until I could.


And then, when I was bored, I practiced some more to work on form. I’ve still got to get the arms right but it’s getting there. It just took some boredom and perseverance.

As it turns out, that’s all it takes in an emotional storm as well. After I changed my degree plan a few months ago, I threw myself into the storm. Everything fell apart. I had to repay an $800 grant. I was no longer allowed into any of the summer classes I planned to take and I couldn’t enroll until I paid that grant back. Things were messy. I wanted to sit down and say eff it. But I didn’t. I emailed back and forth with both program advisors. We brainstormed. I persevered through their loss of hope. I let tenacity lead the way. I paid the grant back. And now I’m registered for 4 classes this Summer.


It looks like things might work out afterall. It just took some perseverance. This now puts me on track to hopefully become a licensed chemical dependency counselor by fall. Which takes care of the employment piece of the puzzle. Fingers crossed that I don’t encounter more battles to persevere through. My tenacity only stretches so far.

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