Loving Kindness and all that Jazz

Apparently on this day for the last several years I’ve been incredibly mindful and reflective. I shared this on my Facebook 3 years ago:


I still believe in that world, the one held together by love. Even as I see the world around me becoming a darker place, I keep believing in the power of love. One reason, I feel the love in my own heart and it’s so strong. Another reason, the kids I work with.

Last night, I had the honor of judging our schools “pageant.” Mr. And Ms. BHS. The kids had a sportswear/spirit wear, talent, formal wear, and a question. They were rated on personality, talent, how articulate they were, and whether or not they could act as a role model to other students. The guy who won presented a poem about being a young black man, having to fear the police. He is bold and full of swag. He is articulate and intelligent. The young lady who won sang a Selena song. But what stood out most about her was her eloquence and her answer to her interview question. When asked who she would want to meet, if she could meet anyone from history, she said she’d want to meet MLK Jr. Because she believes in the power of non-violent resistance. She said she believes we need to fight back with love now more than ever. That’s the new generation, y’all. They’re a beautiful enigma. They were raised in a wartorn terrain of violent protectors, school shooters, the vague threat of suicide bombers, and fearful parents. But they didn’t absorb those fears and that hate. They’ve chosen to be articulate. They’ve chosen words and love. They give me faith. They continue to see the beauty in our world. They see possibility. They remind me of my younger self.

About 5 years ago on this day, I took a road trip with my nephews and I wrote this:


I saw all these things that could have been sad or ugly but chose, instead, to see their beauty. There is power in that. The younger generations embody that power. We have a lot to learn from them, if we could all just put aside our pride and listen. Their voices ring out strong, bold, and articulate. Their message is clear. They’re tired of this society. They’re tired of living in a world of hate and violence. They want to choose love. They want to be able to shed their armor. We’ve got a responsibility to help them pave the way for that kind of life.

2 thoughts on “Loving Kindness and all that Jazz

  1. Such a powerful post. I also believe that it is love that holds the world together when so much is falling apart, the way we love ourselves and love each other. The younger generation gets a lot of crap, but they’ve taken hold of their power through social media and I think they are the catalysts for change. As much as they need us to guide them, we need them too to keep pushing us in the direction of love and hope and compassion. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to hear their messages, which is quite sad. It’s the idea of the adult knows best. Hopefully more people can be inspired to listen.

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