Wanderlust and the Morning

I am up exceptionally early this morning (before 6am if you want to know what early is for me) so that I can have my protein shake before I wander off to wanderlust. If you don’t know what wanderlust is and don’t wish to hault your reading to Google, it is a mindfulness triathlon. 5k, yoga, and meditation. I also signed up for acroyoga therapeutics after the meditation. It should, I hope, make being up early on a Saturday worthwhile. But still, I just dont do mornings. The driving there is going to be even worse. There are hundreds of attendees. Talk about anxiety. I’m trying really hard not to think about that though.

I’m trying to be proud of myself for signing up for something I wanted to do for a while but never did because it meant having to do it alone. My coworker/”friend” will be there but she never thinks to invite me to these things anymore. It’s a friendship of her convenience, never mine. Oo, see, sassy morning brain.

Let me pause here to drink more coffee.

Today is going to be a positive and fun experience. I love moving my body. I love yoga. I aspire to be better at meditation. I’ve heard great things about this event. It’s going to be good!

OH! Also today I am going to look at a house I might buy. I’ll fill you in on all of today’s happenings with many pictures later this evening. Until then, I hope everyone is having and does have a good day (I know we are all in different time zones).

9 thoughts on “Wanderlust and the Morning

  1. I agree you should be proud of yourself for following through on something you always wanted to do. Hope it went okay and that you were able to get through the pain of the email from C.


    1. I didn’t get through the pain of that and I wasn’t able to withstand the unseasonable cold. But I made it through the 5k and half of yoga before deciding it was too dangerous to yoga while not able to feel my hands or feet.


  2. Up before 6am *is* early! Best thing is… by the time noon comes around you feel like you’ve done a day’s worth of stuff already!


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