The Power of Words

A short post:

Words matter. I am not just saying this because I am a word-nerd with a love for language. It’s just that I was reading and thinking about the words I’ve been given by various people. And it really hit me how the words we share with people can make a difference…even if the words don’t seem like they’re particularly special. Because words really do give us an unbelievable amount of power. They cut. They heal. They create bonds. And destroy them. They start revolutions. And end them. They are stories. Cultures. Histories. Memories. Lyrics. We are words. All the words shared by others. The words that lingered. All the things we say to ourselves. Just a collection of words.

So make your words matter. Choose to make them words of kindness. Life is already hard enough to be battling words used as weapons, too.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Completely agreed! Words really do have poweer. So many times I’ve been thinking about it. It’s quite an impressive power, both in the context of language and linguistics, and relationships between people.

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  2. Our left brain is extremely literal with words. Whatever we think or accept from another will be reinforced with past memories.

    I try not to grasp onto anything negative and work on creating more inner peace.

    It is a battle for,those of us with abusive childhoods


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