This Week in Therapy Land

I showed Dr. W my picture of leaves on a stream (from her first analogy, find more here: A Look into my 3rd Therapy Session). She was so pleased that I took the initiative to draw this out that she gave me a new one to draw this week. -_- If you’re wondering, yes, I drew the new one.

Tug-of-war with our monsters. That was this week’s analogy. There are a lot of these, I am finding. I wonder how many more will come out of the drawer. Like, literally, out of the drawer. Okay, I’m focusing on petty details. Let me tell you about this analogy and then I will show you my drawing.

The idea is that we are walking along and we find this rope. We follow the rope to a canyon. On the other side is a monster. The monster wants to pull us over, either into the canyon or onto his side (that really wasn’t made explicitly  clear, doesn’t matter). So,  we engage in tug-of-war with the monster for a while until we start getting tired and hungry and hot. We recognize that something has to change. Apparently at this juncture we have three choices: 1) switch hands and keep tugging; 2) (my choice before I knew the choices) drop the rope and walk away; or, 3) drop the rope for a while but then come back for more tug-of-war. The healthiest choice, according to Dr. W, is number 2; however, not that simple. We eventually have to face the monsters because apparently they can still cross the canyon. I suppose that is a conversation for another day.

Who or what the monsters are in this analogy seems pretty clear: shame, blame, anxiety, depression, our inner critic, ourselves, so on and so forth. The idea then is to drop the rope, stop fighting, and “lean into” whatever monster is chasing us. We have to learn how to accept and live with the monsters. Not a particularly pleasant prospect but I suppose she makes a valid point with this ACT analogy.

Without further adieu, here is my drawing (kind of a lazy one):



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