In Over My Head

Sometimes I do things and then later I end up thinking: “Why?! Why did I ever think this was a good idea?” Right now is one of those moments. I am in so over my head.


A while back I sent an abstract to a university press for  a chapter on the intersection of self-injury and social media as a unique form of communication. To my surprise, they liked the abstract and want a full chapter; they’re hoping to have the book finished by the end of Summer.

I know this is actually a really great thing. It could open doors for me in the future when I apply to PhD programs. I know that is why I decided to send in the abstract in the first place. The problem, however, is that I do not actually know where I want this chapter to go and I have not done any true academic writing in ages. I guess I have a long weekend of research ahead of me.

This is a good thing. I am just going to continue telling myself that until I believe it and until I find the motivation to actually write the chapter. In the interim, is anyone good at APA style citation? Because I am awful and I will need some help. 😂

11 Thoughts

  1. Remember Google Scholar now can help. Type the name of the article in, and it has a little double ” where you can click to see suggested citation in a variety of formats. You can also do a trial version of EndNote for thirty days. I suck at citations – but good at getting technology to format them for me!

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  2. And do NOT let the bully in your brain tell you you aren’t good enough to literally write about a subject near and dear to your heart. If someone with lived experience can’t speak for a community, who can?


  3. Wow! What a great accomplishment! So happy for you, Katie. It often feels so overwhelming at the start, but I have faith you are going to find the right direction for your work. I’m more than happy to help you out with APA if needed.


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