Welcome to Hell

If you have never been to Texas then you may not know which of the stereotypes are or are not true. Yes, in some parts, we ride horses. No, we don’t all have accents and wear cowboy hats and big belts and boots. Yes, there is A LOT of Bar-B-Q. Texans like their meat. No, everything is not bigger and better in Texas. Finally, yes, it is really, really hot!

I present to you, not even June in Texas:


See that, in the top right corner? 102°F. And the outlook for upcoming days:


Do you see Wednesday? 106°F! Lol I am in Hell. I have never been very good at being hot. I hate sweating, like I have an unnaturally strong aversion to it, not sure why. Actually, I have an idea but this blog post is not the place for that. My point is… 106 degrees makes for much sweat unless I completely avoid the outdoors.

Is this the apocalypse? It feels like the end times. It is only just the end of May! I mean, come on?! Why did humans have to be such asshats to the Earth? Now she is angry. She is a living being. Alive and traumatized by her careless inhabitants.

What is your plan to survive this unusual heat?

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Hell

    1. Yeah!! Not a good time to live on the 3rd floor. Stupid heat rising. I have the thermostat set to 65, the curtains closed, and it is still warm. I was not made for this. Lol

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  1. Its quite scary as where I live we are getting temps of around 19 on day we should possibly only have 13 or 14 and thats in celcius (sorry I dont know the conversion). We had a very very hot summer too… it scared me as the earth was literally being scorched and rain was not as frequent, It is cause for concern or a wake up call really :(.


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