Connection Between Body Weight and Health

I did edit this photo with photolab but I didn’t edit my body shape at all. I am proud of how I look.

This whole smaller body equates better health thing that society perpetuates is interesting to me. As someone who gained 70 pounds, then lost 60 pounds, then gained 10 of those back, I feel like I’ve gained some perspective on this whole social construct.

In the photo I chose for this post, I am at my current weight doing the same “healthy activities” I was doing at my lightest weight (still working on those feet falling backwards though lol). Weight is not something that is synonymous with health.

I will be the first to admit, when I was 70 pounds heavier, I was not healthy. But that wasn’t because I was heavy, it was because I was depressed and I wasn’t doing the things necessary to be healthy. I ate tons of junk. I did not exercise. I was just existing. It happens that, for my body, once I started doing healthy things, I lost weight (initially). Now, as I gain muscle mass, I am gaining some of that weight back. It has been difficult to convince myself that the number on the scale does not determine my health because society says, “small = healthy”. I have to tell myself daily, I am still healthier now because I am doing healthy things.

Healthy is something that looks different on every body. No one has the right to make assumptions about what constitutes healthy for someone else. We each get to decide what healthy looks and feels like for ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Connection Between Body Weight and Health

  1. I agree. I’ve always been underweight and have had so many people tell me how unhealthy that is, and after having gone most of my life trying to pick up weight to no avail, my current GP told me that I’m healthy, and that’s all that matters. So now when people say “you’re so skinny” I don’t get angry anymore. I just reply with “yes, but I’m healthy”. That seems to shut them up, lol.


    1. Good! Society is so insidious. That is all that matters, your health. Some day it will be more commonly accepted that “healthy” looks different for everyone.

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  2. Strength is so very important and often overlooked when discussing health. You look incredibly strong and absolutely lovely.


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