Gift from the Universe? Maybe

I have some potentially good news. I don’t want to tell you all too much because I absolutely believe in jinxing things. But, I will tell you, the perfect job may have fallen into my lap just as I gave up hope and just as she (the person looking to fill the position) gave up looking. I randomly googled “yoga instructor jobs near me,” just to check on my future prospects. I didn’t think I would find anything I was actually qualified for but I saw this one. And I saw on her page that she had also employed a counselor doing her practicum, so she didn’t seem scared off by people in the midst of their education. I emailed and told her my situation and said I’d love to hear back. I heard back immediately. 30 minutes later we were on the phone with each other. By now you’re probably dying to know why I’m excited about this prospect.

The position is at a private counseling practice in a town in which I frequently practice yoga:


The owner is looking for someone to come in and use the yoga space she has created in the office. She has mostly clients with trauma and those recovering from addiction and she wants trauma informed yoga for her clients. She has been providing the service herself but she isn’t certified and she doesn’t quite have the time. Basically my job, if she and I move forward, would be to provide as many small group, trauma informed sessions to her clients and new clients as possible.

That last bit, “new clients” means there would be some element of marketing for me, as I would have to bring in new clients of my own. But, she seems confident that she can teach me that element. Also, totally worth learning because there is autonomy also, for making a schedule that fits my own needs for working as often or as little as becomes necessary for my changing school schedule. The owner just wants the space used. And she said none of the other applicants have had a mental health background, so the fact that I’m getting my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a necessary bonus for her. She told me that everyone else was overwhelmed at the prospect of working with trauma and addiction. That part really excites me! I thought, “this is who I’ve been longing to help.”

You might be wondering if there is anything on the con-list because this sounds too good to be true, right? The only con is location. It is not technically on the route to or from school and it is not that close to where I currently live; however, that lease is up soon. So, I can move and make the commute from work and school better as long as I know where I will be commuting to for work.

I will tell you this 4 hours of driving twice a week thing has been getting to me this week. But I really love my classes and the professor seems really lovely. These next few semesters are going to be difficult but I’m excited to make it all happen. And to let the Universe play its role in making things happen.

I’m just going to let go and have trust. I’m managing my hopes and expectations but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really care if this panned out. I totally care. It would be kind of perfect. I get real life, practical experience. And the chance to make a difference in the way I’ve always wanted to make a difference.

Teaching English has been an amazing part of my story, for the most part, but I’m so ready to start a new chapter.

10 thoughts on “Gift from the Universe? Maybe

  1. I’m so excited to read this and really hoping it all works out for you. There so needs to be more trauma-informed yoga as well because so many of the assumptions made about yoga often don’t ring true for us. I’ll be really interested to hear how this all goes if it all works out 🙂


    1. After my first day of yoga teacher training, I’m even feeling more confident in my ability to do this job! I feel like I deserve the chance. So hard to temper the excitement! Lol

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