Good News

I am really exhausted as it was a long day, so I’m going to keep this brief. But I have a lot of good news to share with you all.

First, I woke up to an email that a paper proposal I submit in February was accepted for a conference in Scotland, so that’s exciting.


Second, I turned in my keys at work today. Finished cleaning out my classroom. And, then went to a “job interview.” I got the job I told you all about in  Gift from the Universe? Maybe. So, dreams maybe becoming a reality there. I pick up my keys Friday. I’m excited.

Third, I had a session with a therapist who runs a therapy group for survivors of sexual trauma. She seems really great. I think I’m going to be giving group therapy a go for a while. See if maybe it could help me in ways that individual hasn’t.

Fourth, I had more yoga teacher training today. We focused on teaching sun B salutations. My body is so, so sore. But I am going to be incredibly fit by the end of August. And hopefully, employable by even more studios.

I do have some not so good things to report on but I will save those for another post. This is a good news post. I want it to stay that way.


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