Shine your Light

Have you ever just watched as rain-filled clouds roll over you, casting shadows on the earth beneath your feet? Clouds that are so bloated with water that they can’t contain what’s in them; they shed little droplets of rain as they travel (portents of an impending cleansing). Yet, somehow, light gets through or around, just enough to create a shadow. The density and darkness of the masses bringing fresh storms isn’t enough to fully obscure the light.

Life is kind of like this, I think. No matter how foreboding and ominous the mass is that crosses your path, that stands in your way, you’ll shine through it and the shadows will remind you that you are too strong and too bright to be squelched. Then the storms will come. They might be strong and powerful, and perhaps you’ll hide your light for fear that they will take it, that it will make you too weak to keep burning your life’s fire. But the storms will pass and you’ll find, that for a time, everything looks better, pure and full of life. So you shine brighter, and all the colors of your life find the peak of their vibrancy…until the next time shadows are cast in your life. But when that time comes you’ll remember, the shadows mean you’re still shining.FB_IMG_1529067627032

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