It’s My Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday. The first people to tell me “Happy Birthday” were my therapist, who sent me a message, and the car dealership where I bought my car a year ago, who have an automated system that send messages for them. This is how 30 starts out. Lol I know, I know. I’m reading too much into this. The automated system is up before the people. And the therapist, well I don’t know what the excuse is there. She might just be a good one. Haha

Anyway, the point of this message wasn’t to be all woe is me and my lack of birthday wishes. The point was that I wanted to share something with y’all (yes, I’m from the south) that made me happy. Yesterday we got the pictures back from our yogi graduation and they made me smile, so I wanted to share them all with you.

Yoga TT_2018 (66)
This one is my absolute favorite! I was so modest and nervous to go topless for it but it turned out well worth the few minutes of discomfort.
Yoga TT_2018 (91)
The fun group ones!
Yoga TT_2018 (89)
Yoga TT_2018 (86)
The studio has peace in the name, so naturally…

Yoga TT_2018 (71)

Yoga TT_2018 (60)Yoga TT_2018 (59)Yoga TT_2018 (62)Yoga TT_2018 (63)

Okay, that’s enough photos. There are even more. And I love them all. But, I’ll save some for other posts down the line. Here is to hoping that my 30s are years of growth, gratitude, humility, compassion, healing, and nurturing healthy relationships. All amazing things I learned more about while I was in yoga teacher training. The last few months have really grown me as a person. I truly hope that growth sets the pace for the next 10 years.

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