Group update

Just a short post to update those who are following the Wednesday night S.S. saga.

I received a message from J this morning in response to my request to talk to her but not to talk any further with L. She said she “respects how hard this transition is for [me] and others” and that “[I am] welcome to let [J] and [L] know if it would be helpful to address this more. [My] experience and feelings about this are important.”

This would have been a perfectly fine response had I not made it very clear that I want nothing further to do with L. The and makes it seem like L is still taking over group and that if I want to continue being a part of group then I will have to sort things out with both of them. I feel like this is another variation of what I was afraid of, that my perspective is being dismissed as just part of the difficulty of the transition. I’m not blind to my own feelings. I know that I went in mistrusting L. She knew that as well. I know that my distrust helped to flavor our conversation. None of that changes the facts of how poorly she reacted. But J’s response makes me feel like she is absolutely not getting an accurate portrayal of events.

I’ve decided this week, J’s last week, will also be my last week of group. I have zero interest in carrying on with L. If I want to feel mistreated there are plenty of people in the world willing to do that for free. At least now I get my Wednesday nights back.

One thought on “Group update

  1. That sounds like a good choice. You can’t control the decisions they make about the group, but you have every right to take charge in deciding what’s acceptable for your treatment plan.


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