An Ambien Stupor

Oh my goodness! Last night I took two ambien, instead of my usual one, because my brain wasn’t cooperating. Let me tell you all about the things I have since discovered doing while in my stupor:

1) I ate all the cookies in the apartment

2) I ate half a bag of chips

3) I made and ate a whole bag of buttery popcorn

4) I emailed a prospective employer back and set up a follow-up demo/interview (I had not intended to follow through with that job… also, my sleep grammar was perfect)

5) I read messages on messenger (but fortunately did not respond).

6) I read my talkspace message from my therapist (but fortunately did not respond).

7) I got up and put on a hoodie (I guess I was cold).

8) I researched places for group therapy. I have no recollection of the research but the tabs are still open.

Anything else I have yet to discover.Β  But goodness!! Ambien is no joke at higher doses. No wonder my psych was so adamant that I not take two. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyone else have ambien stories?

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