I am the architect of my own dreams

I acknowledge that…

I am the architect of my own dreams. No one can build the edifice of my success, except for me. I am in charge of the blue prints and vision. Only I (and maybe a higher power) know the final product.

I am the master crafts(wo)man of my own happiness. Only I know what supplies are needed to craft happiness and joy in my life. I must know what needs to stay in my life and what I need to send on its way.

I am the person that paves the path I continue to travel. Only I can know when to pave a path that leads me in a different direction. If I linger in the shadows there is no one responsible for bringing me back to the light, just me. The scenery of this journey is my choice.

I am the only person accountable for making my life the life I dream of living. I’m accountable for my mistakes and the lessons they teach me (or don’t teach me). I’m also responsible for my accomplishments (or my failures).

There are people that walk this path with me, that help me build and help me create, that allow me the chance to do the same for them…but we are all only collaborators. I cannot craft your happiness and success any more than you can craft mine. I can walk with you. I can offer you encouragement and kind words. I can let you borrow some of my materials, but inevitably it’s up to you to build.

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