Medication Update and Most Recent EMDR Session

So, you know how I’ve been pretty stable lately? I think that has been, in part, due to finding the right combination of medications. I talked to my insurance today (the new insurance since my last plan ran out) and there is a pretty good chance my Latuda won’t even get covered because it isn’t on my approved rx list. I’m trying to decide what the proper course of action is, with the two weeks of meds I have left: either take them like normal and remain hopeful it will work out or start tapering off, preparing to only be on my SSRI or preparing to start a med that is covered. I’m leaning toward the second choice. I don’t really look forward to seeing how that goes but it seems preferable to having hope and ending up being cut off abruptly. Anyone else faced a similar decision? I know this is probably a problem unique to countries like America, with very for-profit medical care.

In other news, I had another EMDR session yesterday. We changed my safe place and retried the buzzies with the new safe place. Luckily that was successful. It was harder to stay present in that place but it was completely pleasant when I was there.

K gave me the option of practicing with the new safe place or starting my timeline. We didn’t have enough time left so I chose the safest choice. That means we are for sure starting with my timeline next week. Then, the following week, my normal session time changes. The week after that she goes on vacation. Surprisingly I have feelings about this. I have some worst case scenarios in mind but I’m going to cross my fingers that those won’t be the case.

Oh, since I’m writing… in my ambien stupor the other night I researched new support groups. I went ahead and reached out to the therapist that runs one of those. It is a time limited group, 12 weeks. She is going to talk to K and make sure group will fit well with my individual. And, if it does seem like a good fit, I’ll do an intake with her, R. I guess I wasn’t ready to give up doing group completely.

9 thoughts on “Medication Update and Most Recent EMDR Session

    1. Yes! It is incredibly frustrating. I know the medication is expensive but hospitalization, should my mental health deteriorate that much, is far more expensive. I would think they would prefer to just pay for the meds and prevent the possibility of that.

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  1. Go to the Latuda website and apply for the copay card. That will get you $125/month off. You should also consider contacting the drug manufacturer directly – they will have some kind of patient assistance program (copay cards aren’t patient assistance – they are marketing tactics). Also – looks like this drug was meant to lose exclusivity in 2019 but the drug company is trying desperately to hold that off with patent extensions. But some big generic companies are interested so a generic version may be here sooner than you know. Drug companies – especially ones facing challenges from generics – do not want to lose patients. Number of patients in a drug is sometimes more important than revenue!!

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  2. What a giant pain. Why should you feel forced into a corner between paying a ridiculous fee to continue, cutting yourself off cold now, or having to slowly back away from it? Makes me angry for you and everyone else who deals with this. Good luck on that end. Also happy to hear you’re researching other groups – I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’s a good match for you.


    1. It really does get me fired up that this is the state of the U.S.s healthcare system. No one should have to choose to pay a small fortune (over 1000 usd a month) or go without and hope for the best. Thank you for the luck and crossed fingers.


  3. The fact that your insurance company has initially rejected any drug doesn’t mean you cannot appeal their decision. This usually requires your prescribing MD to justify your need for it. Often the insurance company wants you to try other medications first. If you already have, and this can be documented, you have a chance. Best of luck, KD.


    1. I am working on that; however, my psych is currently out with a family emergency and I am unsure when she will be back and able to get in the necessary paperwork for it to be overridden. I will very likely run out of the medication before then. I’m worried about the effects on my body if I just suddenly stop while this all gets sorted. I would much rather be in control and just taper off. If it gets pushed through and works out then no harm done.


      1. Good then. If he is in a group practice, however, he may have a backup who is covering for him. Otherwise, he’d likely have simply asked a colleague to cover and most of us who have done such things aren’t prepared or expected to take on insurance issues, only clinical emergencies.


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