My Landlord Lacks Human Decency

Today I took a spill down the steps in my apartment building (it is a little fourplex with two stairwells). The back staircase was wood but the landlord painted over the wood with a glossy brown paint that very easily becomes slick. Couple this with steepness of the steps and the small width and, well, I’m surprised no one has fallen yet.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this blog because I’m made of pretty sturdy stuff and I’ve had my share of bumps and bruises. But when I reached out to the landlord about getting some sort of traction added to the staircase to prevent future falls, she didn’t even show any concern at all for the fact that one of her tenants was injured in a fall on one of her properties. In fact, I was dismayed by the entire lack of concern shown in her email. What do you think? Am I wrong to feel kind of victim blamed by this?


I feel like this is tantamount to saying, “you could die in a car crash, so you might as well not wear your seatbelts and go ahead and drive 120 mph.” Mind you, I knew she was going to blame me for this fall. And Ihaas pretty sure she wasn’t going to accept that there was anything wrong with her “pretty, clean apartment.” But this went beyond what even I expected. And I had a witness who was there and saw my foot squarely in the middle of the step but apparently this doesn’t matter. The landlord has made up her mind about me as a person. Honestly, I would have just appreciated an, “I’m sorry to hear you took a spill. I’ll look into some possible solutions to make the staircase safer.” And then a basic Google search. It took a friend of mine less than a minute to find a $15 spray-on anti-slip surface treatment. No nails. No carpet. No glue. And it takes only 30 minutes to dry. But, I got none of that.

Screenshot_20190322-232243_Amazon Shopping

I missed work today because I’ve got rock-solid raised bruises up and down my entire left side of my body. And I don’t even deserve a simple apology from her?! I know she and I have had our differences in the past, when she harassed me over my cleanliness just after the funeral of my cousin, but I have done my best to stay away from her since then. I actively avoid her in order to minimize conflict because I know our personalities don’t mesh. But, damn, if she were paying me over $1000 in rent every month, you best believe I would ask her if she was okay, had she taken a tumble on a property I owned. Yet, she couldn’t muster a single ounce of human concern.

I love this apartment. The building is adorable. I just wish the landlord would show a little more humanity and kindness. Or, just some effort to make the apartment safer would be nice.

5 thoughts on “My Landlord Lacks Human Decency

  1. She went straight into defence mode so maybe she has an underlying issue (or a bad experience from a similar situation) for her to reply the way she did.
    It really does suck that she couldn’t even check in with you to see if you’re ok. Regardless, I hope you’re okay and that your bruises heal soon 🙂


    1. That’s true about going on the defensive. I have realized she spends a good portion of time being quite triggered and acting out of emotion mind. Thank you for the well wishes.

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