Hiking Therapy

Recently, walk and talk therapy has become a thing. In the wake of K leaving (she and I have our last appt. June 20th), I’ve considered whether or not I want to stick with EMDR. And, I’ve considered things like walk and talk therapy because I love the idea of bringing the progress outdoors, where I feel embraced by nature. There is something that feels really safe about that.

I kept pondering this as I went for several hikes this weekend with family. We went to Great Falls first:

Beautiful waterfall #1
Warrior 3
My mother, my sister, and me

Then we went to Dark Hollow Falls:

Slanting with the rock warrior
The beautiful waterfall


Investigating with my nephew

Being able to explore these places of wonder with my family, particularly my nephews, gave me some amazing perspective. I realized that I don’t need a therapist to tag along with me in nature to make important revelations, I can do that on my own. So, I’ve decided, I keep hiking. I keep spending valuable time with family cultivating some relationships and repairing others.

And, as for my therapy, J (the former group therapist, whom I absolutely adored) has an opening for me, so I’ll finally get to work with her individually. This means, I’ll continue on with the EMDR. I think this is for the best, I get the best of both worlds.

5 thoughts on “Hiking Therapy

    1. Yes! It has been almost a year but I can. She was the first person I called when K said she was leaving. And the timing worked out. One of her clients is leaving just as I would need to slip onto the schedule. I’m going to miss K but I’m hopeful about working with J.

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