Life Coaching

I had this idea of starting a life coaching business (I’ve finished all my LPC (counselor) coursework, just have internships left). The life coaching industry is currently unregulated so there aren’t the same licensure requirements as counseling (which I still fully intend to keep pursuing). Plus, life coaches have a bit more leniency in terms of how they relate to clients, like they give advice. :p

Anyway, I would love some opinions:
1) what do you think a good niche area would be (what are some things lots of people around you struggle with)?
2) would you consider life coaching services?
3) how much would you pay for life coaching services (think, per hour)?
4) what is something in your life you’ve struggled with for what feels like ages? (Feel free to message me).

9 Thoughts

  1. i think life-coaching could be great — but it’s such a hustle! most of your time is spent obtaining new clients, who ultimately see you for a short time. You need to build a huge social media base to keep a steady stream of clients and keep yourself relevant. my sister in law is a coach and that part of the workload is immense.


  2. I think this is a great idea and something I have often thought about. I would pay 40-50 per session/hour. Would you provide your services face to face or have the option of Video chatting for those not able to travel for whatever reason? Niche area for me, what I had thought about, was coaching those with mental health issues. Something entirely different from therapy. Many people with mental health issues are stuck and need coaching. They need to be lifted up. Feel free to chew on that for a bit. 🙂 Keep us apprised on what you decide to do.


    1. I’m thinking face-to-face and online. I’m leaning toward sort of holistic healing options for mental illnesses, that’s sort of my strength.


      1. Go with your strength! I think this is wonderful. When I told my husband I was thinking about doing this, he just kind of scoffed at me and thought I was being manic.


  3. I’m on the same path your are on…becoming a life coach and pursuing a degree in counseling. I haven’t built any clientele yet because I’m still learning how I want to do things as far as coaching is concerned, however, what I have been learned so far on this journey is to give people what I’m comfortable giving, to trust myself and my journey. In other words…don’t find a niche, be true to yourself and your passions and your niche will find you! Just go with the flow and let the (U)niverse guide you. There are people everywhere that have similar interests as you. Same passions, likes, struggles and lessons to learn that you can teach through your own personal experiences. Those are the people that will be drawn to you…those are the people you will coach. Good luck on your journey!


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