Asking for Help

Asking for help has never been something that has been easy for me but with all of the changes in my life lately, I’ve been humbled. If I can get through this rough patch, make it through to the other side, my whole career will be about helping others and paying it forward. However, for now, I’m in a position where I have to ask for help in order to keep pursuing my dreams and not be evicted (working toward the American dream isn’t cheap). I’ve started a new job (which was supposed to have started June 1 but they started me weeks later) and the boss promised me an advance that never arrived. I won’t get paid until the end of next month. That leaves me with a whole month of bills to pay. And, on top of that, if I stand any chance of being allowed to finish my graduate program (I have my next and final committee meeting July 2) then I have to stay in therapy (and in America, most providers are out of network which means paying about $130 to $150 a session, out of pocket).

I thought, hopefully and naively, that by starting my coaching business, I’d be able to bring in enough money to get by until I get paid but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So, here I am, asking for help. I really, really wanted to earn my money, to continue being able to support myself but I feel like this a lesson in being able to not have to do it all alone.

I created a GoFundMe and I am asking, if you have the ability, please donate whatever you can spare. And, if you’ve donated and want to take advantage of any of my coaching services let me know in the comments on the GoFundMe page. The link is here: Donate, please!

If you’d like to help me continue working toward my dream of being a helping professional but you can’t donate to my GoFundMe I also have Cash App (my name is KDD9882) and PayPal (

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help!


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