Life is still happening

I feel like I’ve been doing an awful job of keeping up with my blog lately. A lot has happened in my life.

K and I had our last session. So heartbreaking. I had my first session with J, since K left. It was decent, nothing to phone home about. I’m just hoping the connection will come back.

I continue to attend DBT skills group on Thursdays. Admittedly, I think I might have feelings (what kind, idk) for that therapist. Lol that has never happened before. Not sure what to make of that. But I’m managing it, even if I don’t quite understand it.

Big news: I met with the committee again at school. I am allowed to be in practicum in the Fall, which means I get to start working toward completing either the counseling or the clinical psych program again.

I’ve done a few Thai massage sessions. I like the massage therapist. She has the same name as my best friend, which gives her bonus points. She is easy to be around. I thought the sessions would be more triggering than they have been… but I’m grateful that hasn’t been the case.

I was working as a homeschool teacher for a week. The couple had poor communication skills. What the husband expected of me was not what the wife expected. So, I did what the husband asked and the wife let me go. That put my budget in a rough place but I’ve been pretty well supported by my network lately.

I did start another job immediately after that one ended. I’m working as an Academic Services Director for a tutoring company that pairs academic tutoring with executive functioning. It has been an interesting job so far: a whole lot of marketing (stuff I am not particularly great at). I’ve been doing quotes for flyers and business cards and swag. Making the video for the reception TV. Finalizing color scheme. Creating marketing products. Setting up interviews. Helping conduct interviews. Proofing the website. So on and so forth. It is a lot. But I think it will be an exciting job.

I am also finishing my last two classes for the summer semester. I already finished my representations of disease and disability in art/literature course, with an A. Now I’m hoping for A’s in Neuropsych and Assessment of Mental Ability I. I have the A in the second but no grades in the first. We only get graded on two tests. Anxiety provoking! 😬

Oh! Also, the life coaching business I started. It has amounted to exactly zero right now (lol refer back to that, I’m terrible at marketing thing) but I’m still really excited and optimistic. I’ve made some changes to that website ( and this one ( Now that I’m learning more about running a website, I’m going to work on making this one better.

That’s all, for now. I hope life has been treating all of you well!

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