Question of the Day

Inspiration can come from strange places. This question of the day is brought to you by Brazilian drama inspired musings.

Sometimes when we are raised in settings that are clinically defined as “less than nurturing” or “not good enough” (depending on whose language you choose) we learn ways of coping which, in the moment, are entirely effective at helping us survive. And they make total sense. However, as we grow, those same coping mechanisms can become outdated. They can start to look like old, worn out patterns we repeat over and over again. And we just can’t figure out why. We just know it is ineffective because it is ruining some part of our lives. There is hope for getting unstuck. It starts with being able to recognize what patterns you keep repeating.

What’s your pattern? What do you find yourself repeating in relationships that you wish you could stop?

Question of the day_

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