Baby on the Way

Hey friends! I hope you’ll still consider me a friend after all this time. I’ve been away for good reason, I promise.

As you likely gathered from the title, I have a bun in the oven! And let me tell you, it has been one Hell of a roller coaster.

Positive pregnancy tests and onesie that says, “All cats need a baby”

I found out that I was pregnant super early (12 days past ovulation), before I even missed my period. Having had losses in the past I quickly made an OB appointment to have my HCG and progesterone tested to verify that everything was progressing in a way that would support my pregnancy.

That first appointment was a nightmare. The OB’s office insisted that if I wanted to see the doctor I had to have an ultrasound. I told them that I didn’t want one because I wasn’t far enough along for us to even see anything. They pushed and I relented. I had the ultrasound and as I suspected, there wasn’t anything showing in my uterus yet. My uterine lining looked great though. So, when the doctor comes in to see me the first words out of my mouth are, “I know it is too early to see anything.” She has this ridiculously worried look on her face and tells me, “it isn’t what I don’t see that concerns me; it is what I do see.” Mind you at this point they haven’t had me leave a urine sample to confirm I was pregnant. She tells me that my left fallopian tube is dilated and that there is fluid in my pelvis that looks like blood. She says I need emergency surgery to save my life and my tube as it is in the process of rupturing.

I went for bloodwork and I was told my baby wasn’t viable and that I needed surgery. I tried to reason with her, it was too early to see an ectopic. There was no way. She insisted. I was in shock and she was the professional so my brain started to try and make her narrative make sense. Before I know it I am signing consents for surgery. Then they have me pee in the cup.

I go to the hospital for the surgery and they finally take my blood in pre-op. My HCG was only 116 (which is good for 12 DPO and also too low to see anything on U/S like I said). Despite having this information the doctor still proceeded with the surgery. I’ll add, by the time she told me my HCG levels the anesthesiologist had already came in and administered something that made me incredibly hazy. I couldn’t have tried to object at that point. I wasn’t coherent enough.

Me in the hospital gown, waiting in pre-op

During the surgery the doctor found that my tube wasn’t as dilated as she thought and the fluid in my pelvis wasn’t blood. Fortunately, she left my tube and closed. But, in the time I was on the table I had complications. The anesthesiologist told me afterward that I had SVT. I was administered a whole laundry list of medications (15+) many of which aren’t safe in pregnancy, especially not during those crucial first weeks of cell division. Neither the OB nor myself expected that if the pregnancy were viable before the surgery that it would be after.

Laproscopy incisions (one in the belly button and one on the left side)

The doctor had me come in every 2 to 3 days to follow my HCG levels. The first time after the surgery they tripled. The OB was shocked. She said she would have expected a 33% or less increase, since she still thought she was right about an ectopic or at the least a non-viable pregnancy. The second time they more than tripled. At this point I’m satisfied with these numbers and start to feel cautiously optimistic that I had been right all along about the baby being in uterus. And, I was starting to have hope that the baby had survived that horrendous surgery. So, I dropped that OB like a hot potato and got my GP to order a sonogram for me. And, guess what we saw?!

Gestational sac and yolk sac in my uterus

We saw exactly what a healthy pregnancy would have shown at that stage. A week later, I saw the baby with a heartbeat! I found a new OB and she followed the pregnancy closely. I had all the tests. Baby checked out perfectly at every milestone. At 12 weeks, baby tested negative for any chromosomal abnormalities. At 13 weeks the NT test showed no evidence of Down Syndrome. At 20 weeks, the anatomy scan showed all anatomic structures to be healthy. At 21 weeks, blood tests showed no evidence of neural tube defects. This baby is a freaking survivor.

Timeline of ultrasound images

She is absolutely perfect! And, there you have it haha I’ve been away growing a tiny human. Of course, so much more has been going on and I’ll share that in separate posts. But, I wanted to drop back in and let you all know the big news!

Gender announcement

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