Eating Disorder and Pregnancy

I’m not sure I’ve spent much time writing about my history with disordered eating before but as I’ve progressed through my pregnancy it has proven to be a constant mental battle. In the past, I severely restricted my eating so I could lose about 60 or 70 pounds in 6 months.

Before, during, and after

I was able to keep that weight off for years. And then I decided to become a mom. I knew my pregnant body would change my relationship with myself but I didn’t really know exactly how.

4 weeks pregnant vs 30 weeks

At first, I would periodically take pictures, hoping I’d get my belly soon.

A little 10 week bloating

During that phase, I was doing an amazing job of eating, even with the horrible morning sickness. Then things started to change. At my 20 week appointment, I had gained close to 20 pounds. It was like a switch flipped in my brain and all of a sudden getting bigger wasn’t as beautiful. I was scared of the weight gain. I resented parts of my changing body.

Mind you, at 20 weeks most of the weight I had gained must have been my breasts and water weight. It didn’t really matter in my mind though. All my hard work (the unhealthy hard work) seemed to be getting erased.

20 week belly, still not much there

After that, it became a constant battle with myself.

Part 1: I’m hungry. I’m light-headed. My blood sugar is low. I need to eat.

Part 2: You’ll be fine! Just take a glucose tab. You don’t want to get too big!

Part 1: But, I need to eat for the baby. She needs me to be healthy. I can lose the weight after.

Part 2: She will take what she needs regardless! It is fine. Just have some water and an apple.

So on and so forth! It hasn’t helped that I’ve been short of breath since the second trimester and being active is mostly out of the picture. I try to exercise and then my blood pressure tanks or my blood sugar tanks or I just get light-headed from not enough oxygen. So, I feel sedentary compared to my activity levels before. That just further fuels the ED part.

Now, I’m 32 weeks and heavier than I have ever been! On the one hand, I see my belly and I really am pretty in love. It houses my beautiful baby.

31 week belly

On the other hand, I can’t help but to pick apart the rest of my body. My arms have gotten bigger. My legs have gotten squishier. My butt is bigger. My breasts are WAY bigger. I am pretty sure that every day until I have baby girl will be a continued battle with my self-image. I will continue having to force myself to eat. I will continue forcing myself to get in at least a little bit of exercise.

Warrior pose with pregnant belly

I wish I could say that the disordered eating part of my brain was miraculously healed… I wish I felt completely confident in my pregnant body. I wish I felt comfortable growing and surrendering to the beautiful, miraculous process. That’s what I wish I could give to my daughter as an example. I’m just not there yet. I still take pictures though. I want to remember this time. And, I want to be able to show Carys, that her mommy did her absolute best to be gentle and strong during these months.

Pretty much every therapy appointment lately has been dedicated to my desire to give Carys the best shot and for her to have the healthiest version of me as her mom as I can possibly give her. So, I’m not giving into the part that wants me to restrict, that feels shattered at the number on the scale. I’ll keep trying and trying! I’ve got a lot more healing to do before she arrives.

And when Carys is here, I’m sure I’ll struggle my way through new obstacles that I never would have anticipated. All while enjoying her sweet presence.

Most recent U/S of Carys

6 thoughts on “Eating Disorder and Pregnancy

  1. It is hard going through these body changes when you’ve had disordered eating. I put on 42lbs in my pregnancies which was loads given my start weight was 100lbs and I struggled sometimes! I know you already know this but you need these stores to feed Carys. The baby weight literally falls off when you’re breastfeeding (if that’s your plan). Your body is doing exactly what it needs to do right now. Nourish and nurture yourself – you deserve it x

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    1. Thank you for this! I do plan to breastfeed and that’s been part of my narrative. Just trying to remind myself of how my body will best serve Carys. And I can deal with my body image issues after.

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  2. You are doing great. Keep telling yourself that! I don’t have any pregnancy experience so I can’t contribute there, but you are killing it from my perspective, and you look beautiful in the process.

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  3. I’m very proud of you for continuing to do what you need to do despite the fog! The hardest part is not giving in, and it sounds like you’ve done a wonderful job. Body image is a huge part of all pregnancy journies and we so often get told to stop whining if we say anything about it, since the rest of the world fully understands that it’s “just the baby”. I’m glad you mentioned losing trust in your body to do what it used to; that’s been one of my biggest struggles and I think it’s a part people skip over so much. Keep going! Your hard work will be rewarded in two short months and your baby girl will absolutely love hearing about how strong her mama was one day.

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