Passed my Counselor Exam

Y’all (pardon my lapse into total Texan territory), I am so excited!!! I passed the NCE (National Counselor Exam)! I didn’t get a chance to study because of the whole pregnant the last 9 months of school (worn the heck out) and then learning how to be a mom these last 3 months. All my time was going into baby. I just decided to rip off the band-aid, take the test, and hope for the best. I finished and felt 99% sure I failed.

Maybe if I had studied I could have gotten closer to a perfect score but meh! I passed! Now I get to find a supervisor, put in my LPC Associate application, and start my hours!

For those of you who’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you know what an enormous deal it is for me to have made it here. Brief recap:

  • Started in the school counseling program
  • Switched to the CMHC program
  • My grandpa died, my girlfriend broke up with me, and I lost my dream job.
  • After taking first skills class and doing really well was forced to go in front of a committee and prove that my depression didn’t make me incompetent
  • Committee decided to keep me out of practicum anyway (despite 22 letters from mental health professionals, employers, coworkers, and friends stating I was fit)
  • I appealed the decision to no avail
  • Came before committee again and got approval for practicum
  • Switched to the Clinical Psychology program because I couldn’t stand to be supervised by any of the counseling professors anymore
  • Lost my other grandpa, then my grandma, had a miscarriage, had a surgery for an assumed ectopic pregnancy, all during a pandemic… with no one calling my competency into question from the Psych department.
  • Smooth sailing: graduated May 2021

After the counseling department tried to knock me down, I came back even better. And, here I am! Like, yeah, I have depression and PTSD and life has been freaking hard but that doesn’t make me any less capable and deserving of becoming a therapist. If anything, I get it! I am beyond excited to start this new chapter and be an amazing role model for my little girl as she grows up.

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