As I now feel relatively confident that no one will stumble upon this that I do not wish to stumble upon it, I shall share some of the art from my sketchbooks.


Starting safe: one of the only “hopeful” pieces I’ve done. I was feeling broken but longing to hold onto some semblance of hope when I drew this and wrote the corresponding poem:

Though I may never again feel whole

May I have the patience and acceptance

to nurture the  beauty that has been

sequestered beneath the surface

of ruin.


This one came after I started feeling unsettled by therapy. Haha, I do not like to confront my own emotions. So, I drew something that depicted how sometimes it feels like being pushed into a sea of emotion. A very tumultuous sea. But, in truth, my therapist never pushes me too far.


Ahh, this one I drew right after having this strange fragmented experience. It was the first time I had ever felt like I had a very real experience but then things that happened afterward made it seem like either the first experience wasn’t real or the ones I had after weren’t. Outside of the times right after waking up from nightmares and the few odd times when memories just sort of imposed themselves on me, I hadn’t ever questioned my reality before then.

The next one likely needs a trigger warning: sexual abuse, rape








No one has seen this one before… It speaks for itself…


I don’t even remember what inspired this one… space plays a frequent role in my art though; it’s my safe place.


This one isn’t in a sketchbook, it was done on Canvas. But, it fits the dark theme happening with the rest of my sharing. Haha so, this is what depression feels like sometimes. Being a nobody, haunted and tempted.

7 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. Wow, this is all incredible. Thank you for being brave enough to share, too. Most importantly, I really hope expressing yourself through your art this way is, in some small way, healing and cathartic. That’s what I use writing for. ✨


  2. Love your art. I hope you will do more. I try to paint a couple of times a week it makes me happy.💃 Greetings from Eva in Norway 🇳🇴


    1. Thank you! I do need to make more space for my art. It has been a while since I’ve created anything. But it does make me happy, too.


  3. Great artwork. I’ve been reading a few of your recent posts about therapy, EMDR and safe space, was going to comment but wasn’t able to. Take care, therapy is hard especially EMDR but it really can help xx

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