Gift from the Universe? Maybe

I have some potentially good news. I don't want to tell you all too much because I absolutely believe in jinxing things. But, I will tell you, the perfect job may have fallen into my lap just as I gave up hope and just as she (the person looking to fill the position) gave up [...]

10 Reasons Why…

Okay, I'm about to brag on my "kids." I call them kids but really they are all 17 to 19 so in the eyes of our state, adults. However, in the eyes of me, their adoring teacher, they're still kids with sweet, loyal, loving hearts. So, without further adieu... 10 Reasons Why my Kids Make [...]

The Power of the Gaze

Yesterday I went on another date. While she was lost in my eyes, I was lost in my head. My date, we will call her Sarah (not her real name), asked me a few moments before the aforementioned moment, "what happens in your head from the time we have deep meaningful conversations to the time [...]

Learning to Trust; or How A Flat Tire Taught Me to Take a Leap of Faith

I have given this idea of trust as existing on a spectrum quite a lot more thought since yesterday when my therapist asked me what trust looks like. Apparently, trust isn't something I do well. It's not something I have given much thought beyond: people can't be trusted (this includes myself) and trust leads to [...]