Gratitude and The Sh*t I Don’t Want to Say

This post serves two purposes: I want to celebrate the incredible gifts I've received in therapy but I also want to explore my story, the shit I don't want to say. I've been down lately, in one of the valleys of my recovery. I've built this incredible foundation in my team of mental health professionals [...]

Uninhibited Emotional Vulnerability

I wrote this on this day 4 years ago: "I sometimes wonder if having moments of uninhibited emotional vulnerability (or just complete raw honesty) with/at/towards people is a mistake, if people don't know what to do with that kind of openness or just don't actually want that much honesty. If those are things best left [...]

Wait, what?! Transference is real?!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this whole idea of transference. An idea which, I will tell you, is not easily defined. For me, it’s the idea that the kind of pains that have been conjured by others in our pasts are being played out in the therapeutic relationship. This can mean that we are being [...]