Self-Compassion Letter

My TS therapist has been trying to get me to write a self-compassion letter for ages. I haven't done it because I'm stubborn and it seemed difficult. After a few tough weeks of no therapy and then a few tough weeks of therapy, she brought the letter up again. This time I figured I would [...]

More Wisdom from my Younger Self

This day, the day that would have been my anniversary, 4 years ago I wrote this: "I realized tonight that I really need to stop apologizing for just being myself. I am a messy, complicated, sensitive, super emotional, overanalyzing human. I'm imperfect. I can be difficult. But, I'm also incredibly loyal. I'm probably excessively generous. [...]

Love Others so Fiercely They Learn to Love Themselves

Recently a friend shared this on her social media site. At first, I was like, “yeah, okay, I can see this. We have to teach people how to treat us.” But the more it simmered in the back of my mind, the more I became bothered by the implications of this saying. First, it implies [...]